Our Process

Stage 1

Our first step is always to communicate with you, the client. In this stage, we’ll schedule a site visit and determine the scope of the work and the resources we’ll need.

Stage 2

This is when we talk about the budget – we’ll draw up a rough estimate, establish a retainer, and obtain plans and 3D imaging.

Stage 3

It’s time to start designing! In this stage, we contract a designer, architect and/or engineers, and you’ll receive the architectural or engineering plans.

Stage 4

Once you’re happy with the plans, it’s time to sign off. Here we’ll update the proposal, and when you’re ready, you’ll approve the schematic design and sign the contract.

Stage 5

The building plan comes together. We’ll get the plans approved, order and receive materials, and set the construction schedule. Now, the only thing left is putting the preparations into motion and completing your project.
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