Magnico partners with our federal, state, and municipal clients to bring expert construction to the public sector. We believe in creating effective, usable, and welcoming spaces for everyone, bringing all our skills to serve those in public service.

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Office Space

What We Do Best

Clarity in Government Construction

From designing and building office spaces and schools to offering government disaster recovery and preparedness, we work closely with our clients in the public-service sector to provide leading-edge construction that serves the people.We make government construction easy with open communication and complete transparency. We know that every penny is important – and so is accounting for it. That’s why we’ve invested in advanced software to track and share all expenses in real time.

Supporting the public good

A Proven Record

At Magnico, we don’t just tell you to trust us, we show you why you can. In addition to decades of experience with government construction, we offer complete transparency at every step of a project. We are committed to clear and open communication so that stakeholders can be well informed on every step of the project.


Disaster Response

We're Ready to Help

When disaster strikes, Magnico is on call to serve our government construction clients. In these uncertain times, it’s hard to know what tomorrow brings. Even with careful planning, disasters can cause damage that requires immediate repair.

Our disaster response specialists are ready to jump into action in a moment’s notice. We work closely with clients to get your locations up and running quickly, so that you can serve the communities that need you most.

No matter the kind of disaster, Magnico is here to support our clients with expertise and responsive support.

During Difficult Times

What's Happening at Magnico

There’s always something exciting! We’re dedicated to innovation and to staying ahead of the pack, which means you can count on us to take on the interesting, bold, and complex projects that impact people’s lives.

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