At Magnico, we understand the complex and critical nature of healthcare construction. We work in all healthcare environments, including occupied spaces, to help our clients create and maintain nurturing spaces.

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Taking Care Of You

Clarity in Healthcare Construction

Our clients in the healthcare sector do a lot for others – so let us take care of you for a change. With Magnico’s full suite of contracting services, we’re able to alleviate all the stress of construction. We keep you informed and up-to-date without having to worry about what comes next.With decades of experience, we help our clients develop effective locations for healing and care.

For Everything You Do

The Future of Healthcare

The healthcare industry is ever changing and always challenging. We offer healthcare construction and design that is made to meet the practical needs of today and able to adapt to tomorrow’s advancements.

At Magnico, we believe in staying on the cutting-edge – and that matters to our healthcare clients who need contractors that understand the right systems and infrastructure for advanced technology and life-saving devices.

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Infection Control

Caring for Your Facilities

For healthcare construction and renovation in occupied spaces, effective infection control is critical for your patients’ safety.

Our teams are fully trained and experienced in appropriate infection control protocols and clean rooms – making sure nothing affects your occupants except successful results.

We understand that construction in occupied facilities requires special care, we have decades of experience needed to successfully maintain the safety of all parties present.

Experience and Compassion

What's Happening at Magnico

There’s always something exciting! We’re dedicated to innovation and to staying ahead of the pack, which means you can count on us to take on the interesting, bold, and complex projects that impact people’s lives.

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